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Offering an unbiased, unaffiliated site dedicated to eradicating Multiple Sclerosis. They offer an open-minded approach to *all* potentially viable treatments, ranging from the FDA-approved disease-modifying drugs such as Copaxone to alternative treatments such as Low Dose Naltrexone.  


An online resource commited to the support of people affected by MS.  Lots of information.   

Daval International

Daval International is the sole manufacturer and licence holder of Aimspro (Goat Serum), a biological therapy for the alleviation of Multiple Sclerosis and other neurological and inflammatory conditions.  

Sites concerned with Stem Cell Treatment


Sites concerned with other MS Treatments

The Myelin Project

International Sites concerned with other MS Treatments

Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre

The Calvert Trust

The Trust has three centres whose aim is to pursue the ideal of the enrichment of the lives of all people with disabilities through adventure and personal achievement.

The Trust recognises and respects the dignity of its visitors and helps them achieve the level of attainment that they themselves wish to achieve. It believes that no disability should exclude anyone from the enjoyment and fulfillment which should be present in the lives of all individuals, and focuses on ability rather than disability. 
PMT Scribe Academy

Understanding the human nervous system








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