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Name: Neil Atkinson
Country: UK    Date: 29 Mar 2006 08:10:41 GMT

Comment: Well here it is then! The new MS Group web site. I hope members will enjoy it and use it. If you have any suggestions use the Contacts page to submit. any ideas.Neil

Name: Jean
Country:     Date: 16 Apr 2006 15:22:34 GMT

Comment: Hi, This is Jean from the Thornaby shop To all who helped to make this site what it is well done, love the way it`s set out easy to get around,also very helpful too. Good luck from Jean. Great job well done.

Name: Julie Ogden
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 5 May 2006 17:08:35 GMT

Comment: Hello, this is Julie a member from stckton group,I think that the web site is such a good idea full of usefull infofmation for sufferers and carer,this is bringing people who suffer from m.s out out into the open in the Cleveland area. Brilliant idea.Well done to all involved xx Julie

Name: Andrew  
Country: NORTHERN IRELAND      Date: 15 May 2006 19:04:28 GMT

Comment: Heya, this is Andrew here. That photo of me is shocking! Keep up the good work :)

Name: Simon Gibson
Country: GERMANY  Date: 27 May 2006 20:08:26 GMT

Comment: Greetings from Germany,WOW! Mum (Sandy Gibson, Billingham) told me the new MS Group website, was up and running & I must say the Webmaster has done a great job! Definately a step in the right direction. Can't wait to see the Photo´s of Mum and John Rambling through Scotland. Wishing all of you all the best,Simon Gibson - Soest

Name: Sandy and John
Date: 24 Jun 2006 20:10:05 GMT

Comment: Hi, Thanks for putting the photos on the web site. We had a great time and Sandy is writing an article which will be ready in due course. Next year we are planning to do the Great Glen Way!!

Name: Ray  
Country: UK  Date: 26 Jun 2006 12:45:28 GMT

Comment: What a marvellouse site! Although not a member of your group, I hope to visit this site often. You seem a very dedicated team. I'm pleased to know of you. Good luck for the future.Yours


Name: Steve
Welcome Page: 
Country:     Date: 11 Jul 2006 22:15:01 GMT

Comment: Sincere congratulations to John & Sandy (Well done Mum!)for the 'West Highland Way' walk. Great Photo's. A triumph over adversity. Steve XXX

Name: Jean Maclaren
Welcome Page: 
Country:     Date: 27 Nov 2006 17:00:01 GMT

Comment: I just want to WISH a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to every 1 of the group.

Love Jean xxxx

Name: Jean
Welcome Page: 
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 8 Feb 2007 20:11:42 GMT

Comment: Hi every one, I have just got my PC up and running again, so logged on to find the the Thornaby shop has moved, Congrat`s to all concerned I bet it makes it a lot easier for every one now its on the ground floor. Gosh i do miss been there, and all the fun with the girl`s. GOOD LUCK TO EVERY 1.

 Jean xxx

Name: Robert Taylor
Welcome Page: 
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 15 Feb 2007 20:30:09 GMT

Comment: I am a visitor to the Stockton Tuesday Group for my sins. My email address refers to 2 MS (2 lesions when the performed an MRI disclosed when I was diagnosed with MS), very impressed with the site especially the photographs and having the guest book facilities I am not sure if I ccan limit by writing to 500 characters, so I will end my waffle now and say thank you to all the people at attend the Tuesday Group and the Monday Pub group, I still can't remeber all the names so I wont try. Take care

Name: Lydia Wells Sledge
Welcome Page: 
Country: US  Date: 25 May 2007 22:58:47 GMT

Comment: What a useful and attractive web site! My hair cutter has MS, and even though we're many miles away, I intend to tell her about the site. There may be similar sites closer to us, but regardless, she may get some ideas here. This is a very nice service to provide. Best of success in all your ventures!P. S. I've often seen fields which limit the number of characters you can post, but never before one which counts the characters as you type. Very nice touch!!!

Name: Jean
Welcome Page: 
Country: SCOTLAND  Date: 25 Sep 2007 20:44:59 GMT

Comment: Hi every one, Well its been a while since i have heard from anyone from the shop, do hope that if the thornaby one is now gone you have managed to find some where else. also seen the new pics if the walk that was done by Sandy and John, great well done i love the highland some great places. Hope to hear from some one soon. Till then bye keep up the good work Jean.

Name: Daniel Hillerby Email: abbeyhealth@hotmail.co.uk
Welcome Page:  http://www.abbeyhealth.co.uk
Country: ENGLAND  Date: 17 Sep 2012 15:25:11 GMT

Comment: Hello, i run a mobility company in Northallerton and would like to help do some funraising for you. i have raised cash for hableton MS and would like to extend this to stockton area. please visit my website to read my work fundraising for local people or call me 01609 781 333


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